Thursday, January 10, 2013

Whiting, Ocean County, NJ - TNR Help Needed

 Catherine is feeding about 10 cats and is looking for a lot of help
to get them properly managed.

She had help in the past but that person moved away.

Catherine is not at all comfortable being involved in the trapping -
she will only commit to watching traps and calling someone if cats go
in. She also has no car and cannot transport. She also will not
commit financially to paying for vetting but will make a donation if
she can. She is only at the house on weekdays, the weekends she is away.

We did encourage her to be more proactive, but she is very reluctant
at this point, and the end result would likely be the cats get no help.

Are there any angels out there willing to take this on and try to
work with Catherine on this?

Trappers on our network may apply for SOS funding assistance of $30
per cat if this helps.

Please call Catherine if you can help: 609-703-3155

Sandra Obi, Director
The goal of Project TNR is to introduce Trap-Neuter-Return to
communities as the humane, effective and cost-effective method of
controlling feral cat populations. Project TNR is a program of Animal
Protection League of NJ, PO Box 174, Englishtown, NJ 07726 / 732-446-6808

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